Mooring Basic Information—specific information

 will be provided by your Town Harbormaster


· A typical system consists of a mushroom anchor connected with two shackles (of the same size as the bottom chain) to a heavy bottom chain which should be about 1.5 times the maximum depth of water.

· A swivel with a shackle on either side will connect the bottom chain to a smaller piece of top chain whose length should be equal the maximum depth of water. The top chain will go through the mooring buoy and a shackle will secure it.

· A rope pennant will go from this shackle to your boats mooring cleat.

· A pickup buoy would be tied into the pennant eye splice for easy retrieval when returning to the mooring.

Swivels & Shackles are USA products

Quality Chain

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Servicing a mooring is necessary because mooring anchors are not something you can see with your eyes.  Mother nature can wear your mooring and your tackle in just a few years time….




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Mooring Information


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