Diving Services


Note From Below!

Response for vessels in distress.


Diving hull inspections and photography, can be used to survey the bottom of your vessel. This will give you a quick, clear picture of the condition without hauling out.

Underwater Services

- Salvage and dewatering services can be accomplished using our own equipment which makes the process of the distress quickly overcome.

- Rope removal and visual inspections of  hulls, shafts, stuffing boxes, or  damage from hitting debris.  These inspections can include digital photos or a video if requested by the customer.

- Zinc installations and sales.

- Search and recovery of items dropped accidentally into the sea.

- Underwater Propeller removal either for repairs or replacement. Also can provide services for propeller sales or delivery to a recommended shop.



Shoreline Diving uses hydraulic prop pullers:

· 15, 25 and 50 ton pulling capacity for 2, 3, 4, and 5 bladed props up to 5 inch shaft sizes.

· Also smaller pullers for specialized jobs where too much pressure may damage a vessels shaft.

Prop removed by Shoreline Diving from the vessel Rainbow—

5 blade prop 59 inch wheel

Vessel Rainbow 117 ft. motor yacht