Shoreline diving services, inc.

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Fall Service:

· Removal of buoy and pennant

· Install winter stake

· Clean buoy and pennant

· Storage of buoy and pennant

Customers must remove pickup whip at end of season or a $10.00 fee for storage  will be charged

Spring Service:

· Paint bottom of buoy with antifouling paint & touchup lettering

· Install customers buoy and pennant

· The top chain is pulled tight with the lifter to check upper tackle and replace any worn components

· Provide recommendations for safety concerns


Inspection Service:

· Inspections are automatically scheduled every three years for annual service customers

Complete inspection includes:

· Haul of entire mooring

· Visual inspections of all components

· Replacement of any worn tackle

· Mooring inspection reports will be delivered to the appropriate town office

· Deck Inspections: We use our hydraulic lifter when a mooring must be lifted above the surface and hauled on deck for inspection.  This is required for most town inspections.

Moorings that are bridled together will have additional charges

Moorings that are in water depths of more than 28 feet will have an additional charge on invoice




Note From Below!

Shoreline diving services, inc.

             Non service customers inspection fee is $ 140.00

All services—Materials replaced will be invoiced at the time of service

     Annual Service Charge is $140.00         

Annual Service Inspection fee is $125.00

Winter storage of buoy and pennant